November 28, 2003

crowd surfing

My Dad said I was nuts, but at 6am this morning I was standing outside Fry’s in a line that wrapped halfway around the building (if you’ve never been to Fry’s it’s about the size of your average international airport.). I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of people who got up that early in the morning to get an early start on christmas shopping.

We were more successful than I would have guessed, I ended up with my 64mb usb flash drive for $12.99 with a $5 mail in rebate which I’m excited about. Also I got a 2.4Ghz cordless phone with caller ID for $17. Lauren went absolutely insane and made out like a mad bandit, the centerpiece of her visit being a 160gb hard drive which will be $60 after mail in rebate. We saw the exact same hard drive at Best Buy for $179. The only thing we didn’t get that we wanted was a DVD burner that was $79. It sold out within the first 45 minutes. After we got all our stuff we got in the back of the line, which, despite having 80 cash registers open, was snaking in and out of the aisles like a snake trying to strangle the store. It took us at least half an hour to reach a register.

We stopped by Best Buy and Office Max after we left Fry’s, but both of them had been ravaged by rabid consumerism by the time we got to them. Which brings me to the end of this entry and my quote of the moment:

“If it was on the front or back of the ad, it’s sold out.”
-Office Max guy two hours after the store opened.

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