October 6, 2004

beware the blogosphere

I updated the links on the right side of the page for a couple reasons. First off, every one of the “Mis Amigos” links now points to a valid website. Secondly, I added a couple new blogs, specifically Nicole’s and Danner’s, as well as Ryan’s new blog, which he’s actually updating regularly and I suggest you check out.

If you’re the type of person who needs reasons to check things out then I will say that Nicole’s blog has the most impressive use of yellow I’ve ever seen and Ryan’s blog not only has a very familiar looking title, but was the place where the term “Culinary Orgasm” originated.

On a separate note, I created an amazon.com wishlist and added it to the right side of this website just below Mis Amigos. If you’ve got cash lying around and think I’m the best thing since pineapple was first put on pizza, you now know what to buy me. Since it’s connected to my amazon.com wishlist it updates automatically whenever I change it over at amazon, so unlike certain parts of my website, it will never go stagnant.

Please notice, before you buy me anything else, I NEED SOCKS.

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