September 28, 2003

stop the presses!

In perhaps the most important news of the past century, Seth MacFarlane (creator of “The Family Guy”) is creating a pilot of a new show for Fox tentatively named “American Dad.” Seth explains his concept for the show:

“The father Stan’s a pompous ass in the Ted Knight vein,” says MacFarlane. “The family also has an alien named Roger who’s not allowed to leave the house, and as a result, sits around drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. He’s very effeminate in a Paul Lynde sort of way. And we’ve also got a talking goldfish who’s the result of a failed CIA experiment in which they tried to place the brain of a Frenchman into the body of a fish.”

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September 23, 2003

quote of the moment

As a student tries to leave 15 minutes early from a 3 hours physics lecture, the student is addressed by the proffesor:

“You wanna leave? Go ahead, leave. I’m going to tell everyone the answers to the test as soon as they walk out of the room. One of the answers will be your name, you’ll know which when you see the question.”
-Professor Bresloff

September 22, 2003


yeaaaahhhh!! Don Hertzfeldt (The man behind “Rejected” as well as many other fine cartoons.) and Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, King Of the Hill) have put together their own Animation Festival of their toons as well as many other rockin bits of animation and it just rocks.

cool picture

This show includes 5 different shorts by Hertzfeldt (Rejected included), as well as several Mike Judge cartoons including an early animated version of Office Space.

I saw it last Saturday and it rocked. If you’ve been continually disappointed by Spike and Mike’s, think Don and/or Mike Judge is the greatest, or just like cartoons, you should really go see this show.

For schedule of showings, click the picture. For you slo towners note that the show WILL be playing at the palm. I might just come up to see it again.

back on track

After a couple weeks of being without internet, I’ve finally switched ISPs. Goodbye sbc, hello comcast! I don’t think this will be a turning point in my life, but at least I can post to this blog now ;-) I’ve got a couple different things to add today, I’ll at least post one of them after this before I get back to hw, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also, Ryan Du Bois has a new website up now, check it out here. Or you can just click on his link on the right. Lauren’s web page has also been moved, as it used to be on my sbc account. Check Lauren’s new site out here.

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