October 31, 2003

Phil, you’re partied out…. again!

Below is Carolyn’s Jack-o-Lantern. I thought everyone would appreciate it. Have an excellent Halloween!

that’s a big bad fish

Last night when I got home from work Lauren told me that there was a free concert featuring Reel Big Fish on USC’s campus. So we went…

We knew there was going to be an opening band, but I was more than surprised to discover Yellowcard rocking out to “War Away” as we were walking up. They put on an impressive show, and I was seriously wondering who the hell decided that Reel Big Fish, who hadn’t had a hit in about 6-7 years, should be headlining while Yellowcard was the opener? I wasn’t too surprised to see about a third of the crowd leaving after Yellowcard’s set.

Then Reel Big Fish came on. Absolutely, without a doubt, bar-none, the best live show I have EVER seen. Every song was spot on, the old songs cranked, and I even loved the newer ones, even though I’d really never heard them before. Plus they were absolutely hilarious. The trumpet player would point at people then put his hands together like he was going to catch a football. This resulted in a beer in his hands no less than 3 times. He didn’t drop a single one. Plus he was a black guy sporting a hat with the confederate flag on it, which was interesting.

*sigh* Whatever happened to Ska on the radio? Did Save Ferris ever release another album? Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Buck-o-nine? These are things I’m going to have to check into.

October 30, 2003

cool costume idea

Cool idea for two people hanging out on halloween: One of you dress as a giant rock or boulder while the other one is Indiana Jones. Proceed to have the individual dressed as the rock to chase Indiana down the street or through a party.

woody allen quote of the moment

Woody Allen is one of the deepest wells of good one liners still alive today. With that in mind, I give you the first of many Woody Allen quotes of the moment.

“…if it turns out that there is a God, I don’t believe that he is evil. The worst that can be said is that he’s an underachiever.”
-From “Love and Death”

Noah’s Arc

Here’s a wonderful picture that my friend from work made.

Isn’t it awesome?

sleep’s for wusses

Yesterday after working out I went home to study and then fell asleep upon passing through the door. So when it came time to actually go to sleep, sleep was a rather elusive prey. After two hours I gave up on the whole unconciousness thing and got up to watch some tv.

2am weekday tv is an interesting phenomena. On NBC the metal band Anthrax was doing an acoustic set and Christina Ricci was tap dancing in a bowling alley in some very odd movie on Cinemax. Fortunately at 2:30 am I was saved by a futurama episode on the cartoon network which gave me some safe mindless entertainment until I went to sleep at 3.

October 29, 2003

reader’s digest: old news

I hate bogus claims on the front of magazines. This months Reader’s digest cover has in big letters “The New Pill That Can End Aging.” On first glance, this sent the bull-o-meter spinning, but then I realized this is old news, cyanide’s been around for decades.

October 28, 2003

random trivia of the moment: the jewish stallion

In 1974, relative unknowns Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone appeared together in a film written by Stallone called The Lords of the Flatbush. Here’s a picture of the stars:

The interesting thing is that right after “Lords,” Winkler tried out for “Happy Days,” where in his audition he was basically doing an impression of Stallone’s character in “Lords.” Thus, Fonzie’s accent. Ever since I found this out, I can’t stop thinking about how much Fonzie’s “aaayyyyy” sounds like Stallone.

college football tuesday

Poor San Jose State. With a loss last week they entered ESPN’s bottom 10 football teams in the nation. I’d just like to see them come back next year and beat Stanford again, is that too much to ask? (Answer: With Stanford playing the way they are, it really isn’t.)

I’m not much for predictions, but with a big, bIG, BIG weekend in college football coming up, I’ve got a few locks for everyone to put their money on:

1) I will be watching or listening too #3 USC vs #6 Washington St.

2) Either Tommy Chang will be found with his throwing arm brutally beaten Friday evening or the Spartans will be CRUSHED by Hawaii.

3) UCLA will beat the Farm this weekend in another low scoring event and make their first appearance on the AP and ESPN polls.

4) Virginia Tech over Miami and Oklahoma State over Oklahoma. Why? Because I want it.

5) At least three of these predictions will be wrong because I’ve got more German in me than Irish.

October 27, 2003

ohhh yeah, gimme some of that

Just thought I’d post this super hot picture I took of Lauren just before her trip to washington:

I forget which, but she was either doing her impression of Ross Perot or Screech from saved by the bell.

la’s on fire

The past couple of days have been interesting just because of all the fires that have been trying to engulf most of southern California. For those who don’t live down here, when you step outside, it looks like the smog is suddenly worse than you’ve ever seen and it smells like bbq flavored tanbark, which I suppose makes sense considering the smell comes from burnt wood. Also, the sun looks really cool and has a way better than average sunset. If you’re lucky and you’re downwind from a fire, you often discover your car covered in ashes.

All in all, it’s a good time to be in LA.

stupid teacher making me fat

I showed up for my weightlifting class this morning only to discover that my teacher didn’t show up and that class is cancelled.

Not being able to work out because you’re too lazy is one thing, but haven’t the teacher fail to show up is HORRIBLE! For once, the determination is there, drive is there, and the will is there, but the teacher isn’t so class is cancelled and my already excessive fat goes another day without any of it being burnt.

Oh well, maybe my physics teacher will have us run a lap.

October 25, 2003

Pedro, pedro, pedro…

So Pedro walks up to me in the parking lot today at work to show me his lap top that he bought. It’s got Windows XP installed, 20GB hard drive, 2GHz celeron processor, and 128mb ram. Pedro asks me how much I think it’s worth, he wants to know if he got a good deal or not. I thought about it and decided a used laptop like that would go on ebay for around of $800.

Pedro starts laughing.

Turns out Pedro bought it from a guy in the back of a van for $75.

i love flea…. flea and pedro

I was just watching a show on the top 22 bands of all time as voted by mtv viewers and it reminded me of why I love the red hot chili peppers. They were interviewing flea and asking him about the Radiohead “Creep” and he said: “I wasn’t too impressed with the song until that ultra distorted guitar comes in at the chorus line and I’m thinking ‘THIS IS THE BEST SOUND I’VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE.'” I guess you had to be there.

There’s some crazy people who work at my Pizza Hut in South Central. One of my favorite personalities is Pedro (AKA Peter). Born in Mexico, came to the states without his family and just his shirt on his back, moves to the bay area where he works as a waiter, can’t support himself cause cost of living is too high so becomes a crack dealer, gets caught and gets thrown in jail for two years because of it, moves back to LA, doesn’t have a job for a while, steals a pizza delivery driver’s car to eat the pizza in it, then BECOMES a pizza delivery driver, gets married, has a son, buys a house, and now recently, gets thrown out of his house and lives in a car. And at the same time, he’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, he blames no one but himself for any misfortunes he’s had and gets on with his life. He’s the kind of person that makes you feel guilty for being depressed about anything.

October 24, 2003

three’s company

While looking at Brian Wong’s new blog, it occurred to me that since the inception of this site, I have not posted one picture of myself, Lauren, or my new roommate. So for those who haven’t seen a recent picture of me or Lauren and have never seen/met our apartment-mate, here’s the three of us all together:

It’s Lauren, Carolyn, and I having a blast at a party about a month ago. Carolyn’s smiling cause she loves her cream soda in a red cup.


wow, so there’s a 4:30am. Who knew?

The weirdest part? It can come at the beginning of the day, as opposed to the end.

Lauren woke me up to drive her and her friends to the airport so she could ditch me to party all weekend AND THEN it turns out that she didn’t need to wake me up! I just thought I’d let everyone know how cool that was.

all right, g’night.

October 23, 2003

little nikki

“I could not resist when Nikki started to cry.”
-The artist formely known as prince now represented by this sentence.

Anyone who’s heard the song “Little Nikki” or the new remake by Foo Fighters knows this is one weird song. If anyone has some insights on it please contact me.

I’m lost.

October 22, 2003

i’m probably in my car right now

I have to start doing college applications again soon. How crazy is that? Most of my friends from high school are already halfway through their junior year and here I am applying to schools again.

At least it won’t be as stressful this time. Worst case scenario: I can’t afford USC, don’t get accepted to UCLA and end up back at Cal Poly. Fortunately Cal Poly has a policy of automatically accepting previous undergraduates who left the school “in good standing,” which means not on academic probation. So I’m fine there. Even if I end up back at Poly I’ll have saved some money.

I’m just tired of community college. It’s so high school, except with a really ugly commute and harder classes.

Between my commute and being a delivery guy, I’m also tired of being in my car. I figure I work about 16 hours a week in my car plus an hour each day I go to school, I’ve got at least 20 hours a week in my car. That extrapolates to 1040 hours a year or a little over 43 days in my car per year. Over a month and a half. I think it’s time to get another job.

October 19, 2003


Proof that at one point in time all the dishes were done and it was my doing. Now I just gotta do it a couple more times and my apartmentmates will stop thinking I’m a slob.

October 18, 2003

watch of steel

Ok, so it’s been far, FAR too long since I’ve had a time piece, any time piece. I need to know the time. SO, I’m considering this watch:

It IS a superman watch, but it’s also a great deal. Normally priced for $84, amazon’s slashed the price to $19. Probably a lot better quality than anything else I’d get for $19 and I bet not a lot of people would have it.


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