November 30, 2004

all your base are belong to us…

I bought a cheap mp3 player recently, and was having a bit of trouble operating it, so I decided to dive into the instruction manual that was supplied. Upon turning to the first page I discovered an abortion of english unequaled since Toaplan decided to distribute Zero Wing in the United States. It’s like somebody who didn’t know english OR the language they were translating from used google translator a couple of times, translating it back and forth between the two languages until all that was left was utter gibberish. The following is found on the first page of the instruction guide:

This machine is a new generation of digital personal stereo. It can be said to be a best works with it’s perfect sound quality, rarefied reliability and ingenious appearance. We heartily wish it could give you a transcendental enjoyment of digital age.

The powers of goodness forbid that you should ever make it to page 23, on which you will find “Important Recommendation” which describes the function of “Dream Space.”

In general, MP3 uses should be puzzled by “disclose data” who want to others see his “individual data”, he could only deletes these “privacy” while friends borrow his MP3, it could bring big trouble.
From this days onwards, the function of “dream space” solves the problem drastically.

….Which is good, because I’d been having problems with my disclose data being puzzled by MP3’s, with big trouble often resulting.

So where did it come from, you ask? According to the only information I can find on the company’s website, it came from Fort Worth, Texas.

Uh huh, yeah right. And the Megatokyo guys are from Wisconsin.

November 28, 2004

away message of the moment

“Bet you wish you were my homework right now, because you’d be hard and I’d be doing you on my desk.”

-Kimi’s away message. I don’t really talk to her anymore, but her away messages are always quality.

November 27, 2004

I spy with my little eye…

As I sat in Starbucks today I spied the following scene:

A man sat at a table drinking his gourmet coffee

Checking out the internet wirelessly on his Apple Powerbook

His Powerbook was connected to his Apple Ipod

If he was any more yuppy he might have imploded.

I bet he drives a jetta!!!

November 19, 2004

I’m pretty sure it’s two fortnights before anno domini

Looking at a calendar, Joel speaks:

“So Thanksgiving is on a wednesday? or a thursday…”

Yes folks, he really said it. And he was serious.

November 18, 2004

from the mouths of trekkies

Never thought I’d quote a Slashdot inverview of a guy who makes movies about Star Trek fans (How funny does that have to be?), but here goes:

“Something to keep in mind, post presidential election, is that in the long run conservatives always lose. If this statement were not true, we would still be living in caves. We wouldn’t have cell phones, vaccines, and rockets. Conservatives will never go to the stars. They are too busy trying to hold society back.

Every new idea that is introduced is liberal at first. The idea that the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun was denounced by conservative leaders at the time. Fact-based evolution is currently being denounced and taken out of some school curriculums, to be replaced, or taught side-by-side, with faith-based creationism. Faith has it’s place for some people in society, but it didn’t get us to the moon and beyond.”

Roger Nynard from here.

November 15, 2004

gonna be famous

After reading one too many web comics and realizing that I possessed more talent in one hangnail than the entire online community, I set out to create a web comic whose brilliance would be matched only by it’s hilarity and humility.

It was not an easy road, and at many points during script development I had to completely shred everything I had and start over in the interest of staying true to my self and giving birth to an original idea that the world has never seen before. Then I started doing pencil tests on different types of characters, mapping out and analyzing every expression, stance, and texture that would becme part of my visual arsenal.

My strip shall be known as “Inconsequential,” and the first episode in this series, which I present to you now, is entitled: VAIN

waayyy cool drawing

As you can see, there were many sacrifices made to the rock bottom budget this production was forced to operate under, tasha and craig both have stubs where limbs should be, which I used to emphasize their feelings of helplessness and isolation, and they’re both utterly and completely naked, again twisted to my advantage by revealing how exposed they both are, though they lack the anatomy to be embarrassed about it. tasha only has one eye as the art department simply lacked the dollars and cents required to draw another eye, while craig’s face is conveniently covered with hair, as to whether or not he in fact has eyes, you will have to wait and see…

November 9, 2004

speaking of alfred kinsey

Me: I really want to see this movie about Alfred Kinsey, who caused a sexual uproar with his book “Sexual Response in The Human Male”

Rachel: Sexual response in the human male? What is it, an 8 page picture book?

November 3, 2004

cooking tip of the moment

If you have a piece of frozen chicken which is too big to fit on your george forman grill, just smack it really hard against the edge of the counter top and it will break cleanly in half.

November 1, 2004

one day away

Anyone who’s asked me in recent history would know that it’s my opinion that the minor fluctuations in popular vote numbers that we see in the polls don’t matter one bit. It’s all up to the electoral college at this point, so why don’t people show what the estimated electoral vote and eventual outcome of the election would be if it took place today? Finally there is a site that does just that called (quite imaginatively), the Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004. Not only does it exist, but it’s written by a rather notable computer scientist, Andrew Tanenbaum, who will probably have been the author of a couple of my textbooks before I get out of school. He provides his sources in the form of excel spreadsheets and more data than you could ever need. If you roll your mouse over the states, you get not only the current poll that he’s using for that state, but the source for that poll as well as the result from the 2000 election. He also pledges to stay up all election night and update the site in real time. Fun stuff.

As it sits right now, according to the polls, Kerry would have 298 Electoral Votes and Bush would have 231. Bush supporters shouldn’t get all up in arms and Kerry supporters shouldn’t get cocky, as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, and Florida are all in a statistical dead heat between Bush and Kerry. If you’re a third party supporter, I’d have to say it looks not so good. Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia ( a combined 50 Electoral College votes) all went to Bush in 2000, while Pennsylvania and New Mexico ( 26 Electoral College Votes ) went to Gore. Both Bush and Gore had 48.8% of the vote in Florida (27 Electoral Votes) for 2000, and I’m sure we all remember what happened there.

Below is a snapshot of the map taken when I looked at it (NOTE: This map doesn’t have statistics when you hover your mouse over it, only the map on the EV predictor does that). You’ll note if we voted by land mass Bush would have a landslide victory, or even a slight victory by popular vote, but thanks to the Electoral system, none of that really matters. Case in point: Gore did win the popular vote in 2000, but he’s still the one who ended up riding the pine come January 20th. Especially interesting is this graph, which shows how the Electoral Votes have been divided as well as relevant events that have happened going all the way back to June.

Electoral College Prediction as of Nov. 1st, 2004

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