June 20, 2006

take it to the streets: be reasonable!

“The extremists rule this country because moderates have shit to do.”
-Jon Stewart

June 18, 2006

in fact, i do

Me: *driving in the car* wait, you don’t know where we’re going? You suggested Taguri’s…

CptAnon: It’s not that I don’t know per se, it’s just that the location of this particular restaurant is not a subset of my knowledge at the current time.

Me: Did you think that as we got closer, it would rise in front of us, like some sort of tangible mirage?

CaptAnon: It’s not entirely unheard of….

Me: …in the bible. Do you normally rely on divine intervention when choosing an eatery?

June 16, 2006

and shrimp and salmon and pizza and….

So how did my first week go? I just got back from my first employer sponsored beer bash so I’m in good condition to tell you about it.


It *went* well.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time: today, my employer sponsored an event where I showed up, talked to cool people, and drank beer. On the clock.

I might go so far as to say it went quite well.

June 14, 2006

life is hard, part 2

I’ve never owned a video game console. It didn’t stop me from playing console games, it just reduced the frequency. I could only play Mario Bros. while I was not at home, due to the fact that my family was the only one who didn’t own a Nintendo. Lauren has never owned a video game console either.

So it’s a bit exciting that everyone in Lauren’s department at work got a free Xbox 360. The first and only thing I’ve done on this machine was play an amped up version of the arcade classic Asteroids, and I can say without so much as a waft of sarcasm that it rocked. That was four hundred dollars well spent.

June 6, 2006

quote of the moment

“Just to let you know, at least one of the projects you’ll be working on should make it into the next release of Mac OS X– it’s not just busy work.”

Normally in an internship they give you busywork, and the youngling’s time at that company is essentially a three month long job interview. They may give you something worthwhile, they may not; it’s not why you’re there. But to actually be relied on to produce something of importance is an entirely different ballgame. It has its own sets of advantages and drawbacks; pressure being one of the more significant drawbacks, the product of your work being appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people being a notable advantage.

There’s always the possibility I’m missing something….

Me: *eagerly* All right, I’m ready to contribute to the next OSX release! What are we doing? Adding Mind-Controlled input devices? Quint-Core 1337 bit processing support? iOrgy?

iBoss: Do *you* remember…. the iPod sock?

Me: the $30 remains of a child’s scarf we’ve been passing off as a viable protection for a device which costs $400?

iBoss: …Also known as “the most profitable product in Apple’s arsenal”. We want you to work on an innovative evolution of this product which people actually wear on their feet.

Me: you want me to design a sock…

iBoss: I want you to *knit* several socks. Design has already been covered.

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