April 27, 2006

the king vs. the king of the dead

We just rented Bubba Ho-tep, which is described on imdb as follows:

“Elvis and JFK, both alive and in nursing homes, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy.”

There is nothing about that sentence that isn’t awesome. If Elvis vs. Mummy doesn’t convince you, perhaps the fact it stars Bruce Cambell of the Evil Dead series will do it for you.

If Bruce Cambell doesn’t motivate you to watch a movie, you might as well be dead.

April 25, 2006

quote of the moment

“See, that’s where you’re an idiot (I was going to just say wrong, but it doesn’t express how I feel very well).”

another slashdot idiot.

April 22, 2006

on whale guts

A recent article on slashdot discusses how the original THX sound that is played before a movie (bwuuuuuuuuuuwaaaanng) was created by Andy Moorer using 20,000 lines of C code. Many comments on the article argued that this explanation was improbable and one went so far as to offer an alternative solution:

George Lucas: How’d you make that sound Andy?

Andy Moorer: We electrocuted a sperm whale.

George Lucas: God damn that sounds great.

Andy Moorer: [Giggles] I *know*

George Lucas: Thing is… we need a story that’s not going to bring those Greenpeace punks down on top of us.

Andy Moorer: I coded the sound with 20,000 lines of C?

George Lucas: Nice. Let’s go with that.

things I have to look forward to…

“if other people’s code hasn’t driven you to drink, that only means you haven’t had to read enough of other peoples code.”

-Rob McCready

April 16, 2006

the co2 may make it hard to breathe, but it looks damn cool

Last time Lauren and I had a Borg Sphere, we did two silly things:

  1. We got the small one.
  2. We didn’t take a picture until all the ice had melted.

This time around, we did things right.

Borg Sphere

April 13, 2006

quote from a friend of a friend that looks exactly like my friend

“That’s it! Pack yer shit! We’re moving to Israel! Why? 4 words: Compulsory Universal Military Service. Hot Jewish girls who could kick your ass 6 days a week and twice on Sunday to make up for Saturday. Don’t believe me?”
-Preston Thomas

I really don’t know Preston Thomas, but I’m fairly familiar with Patrick, his twin brother. I’m not a fan of getting my ass kicked, especially by females, so this doesn’t appeal to me, but hey, to each their own.

me and the sun don’t get along

Rachel: Why are you wearing a sweatshirt?
Me: Same reason you keep breathing. Homey don’t play Skin Cancer.

April 11, 2006

preach it

Me: They think Cal Poly students are retarded, but it’s PEOPLE who are
retarded. The fact that the people they come into contact with happen
to go Cal Poly is incidental.

Alex: yup, stupid people everywhere
Alex: I’ll vouch for that

April 9, 2006

gene would be proud

My 7 year old cousin Bella had her first basketball game when I was up visiting in Sacramento. She and her younger brother Noah wanted to ride with me to the game, as their redheaded 20-something cousin is plainly cooler than their stodgy old 30-something parents. I humbly agreed.

On the way to the game I followed my Aunt Young as I had absolutely no idea where this basketball court was located. Of course, both of my younger cousins insisted that I try and beat her to the basketball court, at which point my sister asked them, “What face are you going to make when we beat Mom there?” Their response was instantaneous:


The youngest members of the Kiss army

April 7, 2006

not the one owned by the beatles…

It’s official, I’m working for a fruit company this summer.

April 5, 2006

sometimes, life is just hard

Ryan: get this, we’re having a quake 2 game at lunch almost every other day
Ryan: quake 2
Ryan: at work
Ryan: on CompanyX’s LAN

Me: damn, I would do very poorly at that.
Me: maybe I should take an elective in pwning newbs.

April 2, 2006

cursing in the rain

Scene: Driving in a rental car in Sacramento. It’s dark and it’s raining.

I’m lost, of course. Fortunately, I had the foresight to print out directions before I got on the plane, but reading them would require more light than was available at the time. There was only one solution: The overhead light.

“Now what could go wrong with turning on the overhead light?”, you might ask. Normally, the answer is “very little”, the light bulb might be burnt out, but at least your situation would not be any worse than before. But as it turns out, the designer of the PT Cruiser felt it appropriate to place the moon-roof controls adjacent to the overhead light switch. So instead of being able to read my map, and getting where I need to go promptly, I’m now in the dark, wet, lost, and unsure whether the next button I press will activate light or an ejection seat.

The rest of the weekend went considerably better. Except for where my plane broke down and I had to get a rental car to drive back to San Luis. That part was bad too.

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