July 25, 2005


Not really, but somebody did spoil the ending for the most recent Harry Potter book for me in almost the exact same font.

Ok, life updates in shotgun format just for historical purposes. It is not my job to entertain you people, no matter how many fake degrees I put on my resume.

1) Joel’s getting married, you all know this. He asked someone we all know to be his best man. Somebody close to everyone who reads this website, someone whose last name ends with Agner . You didn’t know that, even I was surprised.

Be sure to come back for drafts of my Best Man toast, which will be epic in ways that only those who have been to Molten Core will understand.

2) I work at Lockheed. So Far: Great People, Good Pay, Good Hours, not terribly interesting work. Coding with .NET is meh. Imagine you’d spent your entire life studying to be an architect and your new boss hands you a lego set and tells you to go at it. It’s colorful, but not all that challenging.

3) I like my parents. Visiting Parents = Good. Living with parents = too much of a good thing. I’m ready to head back to San Luis Obispo to continue my eternal college experience.

Thought of the moment: Smack someone you love on the bum.

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