September 28, 2006

i completely

“Most engineers are not early risers. I know a team that has to come in for an 8:00am meeting at least once (maybe several times) a week. Then they sit like zombies in front of their email until lunch. Then they go home and take a nap. Then they come in at night and work, but they’re bleary-eyed and look perpetually exhausted. When I talk to them, they’re usually cheery enough, but they usually don’t finish their sentences.”

– Google employee Steve Yegge, from here.

September 5, 2006

big ones

You know those scams where you fill out credit card offers and give someone your kidney and they give a trip to Hawaii? Lauren and I signed up for one. It took us several months and about $150, but we were finally set to receive our forty inch plasma TV we were promised.


We got a letter stating that the TVs were discontinued, and that they would be sending us cash instead. After quite a bit of research, we decided that the original TV did not fit our needs anyway, and instead bought this 62″ Toshiba:

thems big uns

Total out of pocket cost including all the offers and getting the TV to our house ended up being just over $200.

No, you cannot move in with us ;- ).

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