December 9, 2003

Common ways of coping with finals

1. Yell at, scream at, and/or ignore loved one(s).
2. Consume excessive amounts of caffeine or chocolate.
3. Pull all-nighters.
4. Blast through the last exam with a “who cares” attitude.
5. Work on outlines until the last minute.
6. Panic.
7. Vow never to do this ever again.
8. Wonder aloud “Why? Why? Why did I choose law school?!”
9. Procrastinate by making lists. Some examples include: “movies to rent when finals are over” and “jobs I can find if I drop out of law school now, taking into account my current debt load.”
10. Posting to blog, even when previous post points out I shouldn’t be.

December 5, 2003


I’m sure many of you have noticed blog content has dropped off dramatically as of recent. As finals are upon as and stress levels increase exponentially this site’s going on a temporary quasi-hiatus while I endure some scholarly growing pains. Expect a HUGE update around late next week as I still want to talk about my great thanksgiving and Lauren’s band banquet I’m attending this sunday.

Also, I’ll probably post a mini-update a little later for something that just can’t wait, whether or not it goes the way I’d like…

December 3, 2003

quote of the moment

“Fashions in men’s suits don’t change because old men don’t change their idea of what looks good, and young men don’t wear suits except to impress a jury.”
– From this article

December 1, 2003


Heard something interesting on TV today. They were advertising pre-school and said that “Studies have shown that a jump start in pre-school leads to a better likelihood of going to college and getting a better paying job.” Maybe I’m being cynical, but maybe it’s because people who have parents that can afford pre-school are more likely to have enough money to send their kids to college.

Misleading claims are weak.

for xmas gifts

Normally I go to deepdiscountdvd to get all my dvd’s because they’re the cheapest prices you can find anywhere, plus there’s no tax and free shipping no matter how little you spend.

And then there came the deal that made it ridiculous. As seen here, if you enter the code “USATODAY” on check out, you get 20% off.

I’ve already tested it buying two christmas presents and it DOES work, so if you need to buy any dvd’s for christmas, I suggest you check it out before this Friday, December 5th, which is when this offer runs out.

I know this seems like spam, but really it was just such a good deal I had to share.

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