February 1, 2004

mini me

I set my sister up with a weblog. She’s currently trying to decide between the site I set up for her, which can be found here, or a xanga site that has been lost in the teeming masses of identical sites. Though I will point out that this site looks a bit familiar.

She only has a few entries, and two of them are already worth quoting, so:

“School today was like any other school day, that is, until 5th period. I have drama 5th and today we had a sub. Now first off, having a sub in a drama class is never a good thing. The plan was to just spend class watching a movie, but that never happened. Daniel has a watch that is a universal remote control and he started playing with the movie, rewinding, fast forwarding, stopping, etc. Almost everyone in the class knew what was going on but still decided to play along offering to help “fix” the VCR. “Don’t worry, I can fix it, my dad is a mechanic” Noah said that, silly for two reasons 1) it’s his dad not him that fixes things and 2) mechanics don’t fix VCRs.”


“Ok, so most of you have heard my “xangas are creepy” speech, and I always vowed that if I were ever to have a xanga, that my first entry would be about how creepy xangas are. Last night, I wrote that speech. It was brilliant and I accidentally deleted it. I now not only think that xangas are creepy, I think they are mean spirited, because I believe my xanga deleted my beautiful entry on purpose. Stupid xanga. I haven’t decided whether or not to rewrite the entry, for I feel it could never truly have the same gusto as it did before, thats right, gusto.”

Kelsey W, from here and there, respectively.

As she is currently on the fence as to which blog she’s going to use, I suggest you place a comment on either of her pages and let her know which one you like.

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