July 23, 2003

dr.fredericks remembered

Dr.Fredericks was brilliant, he was funny, and he was definitely a bit of an ass; despite his threats and somewhat random grading methodology he remains regrettably unforgettable. The following are quotes of his I collected throughout the semester:

“The beatles recorded that song [Can’t buy me love] in hamburg, a german port town. They could’ve bought some love.”

“I like bitter people, it just means they cared too much.”

“Venice Beach is a lot like the lower depths of hell.”

“The procrastinator is the ultimate optimist, he’s always assuming he has more time.”

Dr.F’s ex: “John[aka Dr.F], people never really change.”
Dr.F: “I changed! I got worse!”

…reading a particularly bad ex-student’s paper:
“It’s like she’s just masturbating on the page!”

“Go look at the Quaker oatmeal box, don’t do it when you’re stoned or anything, you’ll get in trouble.”

“I’ve been meeting a lot of girls that like girls, that’s all that is.”

“For Lent I gave up hope.”

“You also need your ass kicked, that’s what I’m for: I’ve got the shoes.”

“I don’t know anyone who wishes they were more shy.”

“Flirts are like the good Thai restaurant in my neighborhood, they don’t deliver.”

Student: “Do you know what I’m saying?”
Dr: “No… No I don’t”

Dr.F on Hamlet:
“Surprise! Here’s your new Dad. Surprise! It’s your Uncle.”

Dr.F walks in with a knee brace
Student: “What happened to you?”
Dr.F: “Ambition, too much ambition.”

“If someone tells you they love to write, they’re probably not very good at it.”

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