July 24, 2003


Almost a year ago I saw a screening for Gigli, the new Ben and J. Lo movie, for free. It was a really rough cut, but you could still tell it was really horrible. So I wasn’t all that surprised when critics started bombing on it like nothing I’ve ever seen before. But one thing I noticed in a review was weird:

“The Ben and J.Lo stuff in the beginning was awful. So god-awful that I almost left the screening. But the one bright star in the movie is Raquel Castro, seven, who plays Affleck’s daughter. Castro completely redeemed the film. This little girl was brilliant!” -New York Post.

Which on first glance might not seem that weird, I know plenty of seven year olds who could act circles around Ben and J. Lo, but the thing is, when I first saw the movie, Ben Affleck’s character didn’t have a daughter…

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