July 10, 2003

This is my first time…

Hello, I wanted to add something cool to my boyfriend’s website, so here it is. Sorry it’s not that cool, but I’ll try better next time. Anyway, go to Jamba Juice and get a good drink, I would recommend the Strawberry Tsunami because it’s fantastic, but maybe not if you don’t like lemonade. Ok, that’s about all I have to say, except for, Harry Potter kids are alcoholics, on July 2nd, Brian/Red was also born, the egg didn’t come first, it’s called a rehtorical question, the Beatles aren’t under-appreciated, there needs to be a scholarship for half-assed Math Majors with a minor in fine arts (emphasis in computer imaging) and animation (but you can’t know anything about that), with a priority given to those who play clarinet in a marching band and work at the school of music, and if you have snakes in your dreams it means you must be a Parseltongue. That’s it for now, have fun everyone!

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