October 28, 2003

college football tuesday

Poor San Jose State. With a loss last week they entered ESPN’s bottom 10 football teams in the nation. I’d just like to see them come back next year and beat Stanford again, is that too much to ask? (Answer: With Stanford playing the way they are, it really isn’t.)

I’m not much for predictions, but with a big, bIG, BIG weekend in college football coming up, I’ve got a few locks for everyone to put their money on:

1) I will be watching or listening too #3 USC vs #6 Washington St.

2) Either Tommy Chang will be found with his throwing arm brutally beaten Friday evening or the Spartans will be CRUSHED by Hawaii.

3) UCLA will beat the Farm this weekend in another low scoring event and make their first appearance on the AP and ESPN polls.

4) Virginia Tech over Miami and Oklahoma State over Oklahoma. Why? Because I want it.

5) At least three of these predictions will be wrong because I’ve got more German in me than Irish.

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