October 25, 2003

i love flea…. flea and pedro

I was just watching a show on the top 22 bands of all time as voted by mtv viewers and it reminded me of why I love the red hot chili peppers. They were interviewing flea and asking him about the Radiohead “Creep” and he said: “I wasn’t too impressed with the song until that ultra distorted guitar comes in at the chorus line and I’m thinking ‘THIS IS THE BEST SOUND I’VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE.'” I guess you had to be there.

There’s some crazy people who work at my Pizza Hut in South Central. One of my favorite personalities is Pedro (AKA Peter). Born in Mexico, came to the states without his family and just his shirt on his back, moves to the bay area where he works as a waiter, can’t support himself cause cost of living is too high so becomes a crack dealer, gets caught and gets thrown in jail for two years because of it, moves back to LA, doesn’t have a job for a while, steals a pizza delivery driver’s car to eat the pizza in it, then BECOMES a pizza delivery driver, gets married, has a son, buys a house, and now recently, gets thrown out of his house and lives in a car. And at the same time, he’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, he blames no one but himself for any misfortunes he’s had and gets on with his life. He’s the kind of person that makes you feel guilty for being depressed about anything.

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