October 22, 2003

i’m probably in my car right now

I have to start doing college applications again soon. How crazy is that? Most of my friends from high school are already halfway through their junior year and here I am applying to schools again.

At least it won’t be as stressful this time. Worst case scenario: I can’t afford USC, don’t get accepted to UCLA and end up back at Cal Poly. Fortunately Cal Poly has a policy of automatically accepting previous undergraduates who left the school “in good standing,” which means not on academic probation. So I’m fine there. Even if I end up back at Poly I’ll have saved some money.

I’m just tired of community college. It’s so high school, except with a really ugly commute and harder classes.

Between my commute and being a delivery guy, I’m also tired of being in my car. I figure I work about 16 hours a week in my car plus an hour each day I go to school, I’ve got at least 20 hours a week in my car. That extrapolates to 1040 hours a year or a little over 43 days in my car per year. Over a month and a half. I think it’s time to get another job.

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