November 23, 2003


For something that’s supposed to wake you up and has a reputation for making you jittery and strung out, there’s something soothing about coffee. Whenever I’m stressed and am called upon to do something outside of my comfort zone, I have this craving for coffee.

I think it has to do with my childhood; My Dad drank coffee every day, but for most of my earlier years he was gone way before we woke up, but on holidays and camping trips, every morning would start with that great smell of humid bitterness that meant family was near and good times were being had.

So when I went to wait outside for the tow truck to come and pick up my poor clutchless honda, I first made myself a cup of coffee. I sat outside on a rock in front of the apartment building, early enough on a Sunday that it was still rather peaceful, and looked around at the dying palm trees, the once great mansions turned into sub par student housing, and just appreciated the fading rock star that is South Central Los Angeles.

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