November 16, 2003

for lazy catholics everwhere

I was reading developer blogs at Planet Gnome when I saw a reference to a site called grouphug,[note – NOT PG, rated R for lanuage] which is kinda like a blogging site, except it’s completely anonymous, no usernames even, everyone’s just assigned a number. The idea being people can confess their deepest darkest sins to the world. Sorta get it off their chest.

This is a SCARY site. I can’t believe most of this stuff actually happens. Here’s my two favorite PG entries:

“I used to fantasize about my boyfriend dying so that I wouldn’t have to break up with him. ”
-user #545328455

“I’m the most outspoken person in the school band but don’t have enough balls to ask out a hot clarinet player”
-user #771920457

If you don’t understand why the last one is scary, well, there just aren’t that many hot clarinet players in the world.

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