November 27, 2003

happy turkey day

It’s 12:40am November 27th as I begin to type this so I wish everyone a happy turkey day and to my Uncle Chris I wish a happy birthday.

I had sort of a weird flashback today that may or may not have ever happened:

The day was April 20th(Jesse’s b’day coincidentally) 2001 and I was at Cal Poly visiting for the admitted students/alumni day. The whole time during this visit I’m just trying to imagine what college will be like and I’m thinking about what’s going to happen between Lauren and I. At that time, Lauren and I had been dating only 5 months, so who knew where we would be another 5 months later when it actually came time to move out and there was no talk between us of “making it work” or any other such craziness at that point. But still it was in the back of my mind as I really got into Cal Poly and saw it fully alive with all its students for the first time.

Everything up to this point DEFINITELY happened. The next part however, could just be some dream I’m remembering.

At the time I was working in the library, so I was interested in checking out the Cal Poly library and seeing what it was like. I walked up all the steps and around each floor, not really looking around so much as thinking about Lauren and I. Then, on the top floor, was the only person in the building studying, a blonde girl sitting at a desk next to a window. The weird part is, I really wanted to talk to her. Every other professor or student I’d seen that day had their game face on, ready to sell me on what a great decision it would be to come to Cal Poly, how it really was the best, how you’d make millions of friends here, meet your mate, and live happily ever after with two kids, a convertible, and a house on the beach. But this girl was perhaps the only person I would see all weekend who really had no interest in whether or not I attended that school. I needed that unbiased opinion. So I walked up to her table and sat down in the chair opposite her. I said hi and explained who I was and why I was here for the weekend and asked her what she thought of the school. And we talked for a good 10-15 minutes. Complete no-foreplay conversation. I only remember bits and pieces of the conversation. I remember she was a history major but she had no reason or urge to be one, I remember she had a boyfriend that went to another school that she missed, but didn’t want to transfer schools for. I remember her name started with a “T.” And that’s it. Didn’t exchange contact info or anything, just walked out of the library to meet back up with my family to continue touring the campus. Never saw her again, never really thought about it again till right now.

I don’t know. Even as I re-read that I think it sounds like a dream, but I can’t shake the feeling that it really happened.

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