November 15, 2003

i’m gonna do it! “eye of the tiger” style

14 miles to school, 14 miles back. That’s how far it is by bike, which is going to be my newest method of transportation to school. After commuting to school everyday AND sitting in my car for endless hours while delivering pizzas, I’m just plain SICK of my car. So I’m going to try to bike to school because:

1) I’m SICK of being in my car.
2) I’ll get some good exercise.
3) It’ll be fun to ride past cars stuck in traffic. I’ve been thinking of creating a t-shirt with a picture of me pointing and laughing on the back of it.

I got some new stuff for my bike to make my ride a little bit more pleasant. I even have before and after pics:


Basically I got some new low profile slicks and a bike rack which my backpack is going to be attached to. My bike rolls much smoother now with the new tires, there’s a noticeable decrease in pedaling difficulty, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it the whole 28 miles. My Dad asked if I’d removed any of the rust that’s accumulated on the bike. Of course, that rust is perhaps the most effective anti-theft device in the history of thieves, so obviously the rust had to stay.

I have been working out this semester and really pushing myself on the exercise bike so hopefully I won’t crumble my first day out. We’ll see though, and I’ll keep you posted.

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