November 23, 2003


After my amazing deals of Thursday and my laid back Friday, karma came around to smack me on the back of the head this weekend.

I woke up Saturday feeling like I got hit by a truck and realized I’m coming down with a cold. Oh well, it happens. I called footaction and they told me the order hadn’t been processed yet, so I don’t even know if the shoes I’ve promised the world I’d be wearing are even going to come. Dissapointing, but they’re just shoes. Setbacks occur(I just realized this is a nice way of saying “#*it happens”), but I’m still ok with the world.

Then I got ready for work. I went out to my car put my foot on the clutch, and immediately found my foot on the floor. No resistance whatsoever. Couldn’t even get the car in gear once it was running. Great. So I called into work and told Jose my car is broken. His response? “Stop watching the football game and get down here.” I think he was only kidding but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way cause I wasn’t too happy right then. I haven’t called in sick once in 8 months of dedicated Pizza delivery, so I’m not too worried about it.

Fortunately, after this point, my weekend turned around. Because I didn’t go to work I was able to go to a DELICIOUS Italian restaurant with Lauren and her mom, who was in town. Then Carolyn let me borrow her car this morning to find a mechanic that was open on a Sunday, for which I can’t thank her enough.

In fact, I’ve already told her personally, but I’d like publicly say THANK YOU!!! to Carolyn because it was kind of a pain getting her car and she really didn’t have to do it and it made my life 800 times easier. It was kind of a trip because it was exactly like my Dad’s old thunderbird, except for the digital dash and the color. So Thank You Carolyn, I owe you big time.

So now my car’s at the mechanic, I had a good dinner last night, footaction emailed me and informed me my shoes HAD shipped Friday and gave me tracking numbers, and because I’m not going to work, I have more time to work out my physics hw, which I was worried about. I’m still sick, but I don’t seem to be getting any worse, so there’s hope that I don’t have ebola.

I can’t think of a good way to end this post.

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