November 20, 2003

sneeka peaks

I finally managed to get to the server and get pictures of the shoes I bought. The best part about the deal is that the “Original Price” is what it is still going for at every other store. They aren’t closeouts by any means, they’re just amazing deals.

So first up, my pride and joy the Steve Madden “Rascal Mesh”
steve madden Rascal mesh shoes
I really like these shoes. Original price: $74.99, I got em for 37.99
Savings: $37

The second pair that was too good to pass up, the adidas “Superstar FTR”
adidas shoes
This pair is interesting, not just cause I like the style, but cause they’re advertised as old school basketball shoes. From the description:
“First low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper and rubber shell toe. Introduced in 1969, approximately five years later, 75% of NBA players were wearing the new shell toe.”
Original Price: $79.99, Brian’s price: $24.99
Savings: $55

Also, Lauren got two pairs of shoes which I’m posting here, she can add commentary if she wants. They are both originally $39.99, selling for $11.99. Savings: $56 for both. They’re both Saucony brand.
saucony shoes
saucony shoes

Just for fun:
Total savings = 37 + 55 + 56 = $148.


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