November 16, 2003

some inspiration

Things that I will gain by biking to school.

1) I travel 12.1 miles by car. Since I get about 25 mpg in the traffic I have to deal with, that’s about $2 I save in just gas every day I ride.

2) Following this route on my bike, I should burn approximately 942 calories each way or 1884 calories total each day I ride.

3) According to this calculator, I will save the environment from:
Total Hydrocarbons = 0.084 Lbs
Total Carbon Monoxide = 0.64 Lbs
Total Carbon Dioxide = 10.56 Lbs
Total Nitrous Oxide= 0.044 Lbs
Total Gas= 0.5 Gal

And I’ll look cool doing it ;-)

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