November 13, 2003

stupid electricity

Yesterday the weather was absolutely crazy, as soon as it got dark it started pouring, not raining mind you but coming down in solid sheets, as if an ocean were suddenly dropped on the city of Los Angeles. Plus the thunder and lightning, which was of epic proportions, the kind of thunder and lightning I though ONLY existed in the movies. This was the kind of thunder and lightning that had all people of 12 years and younger wetting their beds simultaneously all across the City of Angels.

Then the power went out. What was I doing when the power went out? Luckily, we got a picture of me just before the power went in search of warmer and drier climates. I was studying for a Linear Algebra test, and I got cold, so i was drinking coffee and wearing Lauren’s beanie.

Even after the power went out I was still doing Linear Algebar hw by candelight. Only one candle was bright enough so I had to keep moving it back and forth between the page I was reading and the piece of paper I was writing on.

Just a fun night in general.

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