November 12, 2003

this knife in my back belongs to… …Lindsey.

I’ve been trying to get everyone cool buddy icons so that the world can be a better, more friendly place. So Lindsey doesn’t like the first buddy icon I made for her, which is fine, I picked a picture at random, I didn’t expect everyone to like their icon. So I ask her to send me pictures that I can use for her buddy icon and she sends me a couple. Now, I know Lindsey’s a little picky and I really want her to like the icon, so I have this great idea to make her a buddy icon that’s animated, so that it switches between 3 different pictures of her. I didn’t know how to make animated GIFs, so I searched the web, did some research, and spent 2 hours learning how to create animated GIFs. All for Lindsey, all so she could have a buddy icon that people will love. And then, after all of my effort, she _refuses_ to use the icon. Completely smacked down and ignored all of my work and decided she just doesn’t care about the poor Irish boy with the German last name.

But that’s ok. It happens, life goes on. But just so this buddy icon doesn’t go unappreciated it’s entire existence, I give you Lindsey’s icon, my first ever animated GIF.
Lindsey's Buddy Icon

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