November 17, 2003

will the lies never cease?

Andrew related to me what happened when his nutrition teacher tried to talk smack about the nutritional value of eggs:

(19:16:15) Andrew: Background: she was dumping on eggs and last class said “egg whites contain most of the protein and nutrients.” So after last class I went up to her and asked for extra credit if I found the nutrition facts on egg whites and yolks. She said no, but obvioulsy I knew I was going to :own: her next class.

Fast forward to today: she comes into class first thing, and says “Now to finish up this egg issue.” She was clearly done with the egg issue last class, but to save her own ass from getting :Owned: by me, she did state that egg whites contain about 55% of the protein, which is true. So she obviously looked it up on her own since the last class to prevent getting embarassed by me.

So then she started rambling on about saturated fat, to which I replied by stating that each egg only contains 1.5g saturated fat. Then she rambled about cholesterol, to which I replied that the egg yolk has 1g lecithin, which helps to clear up arteries. She said it doesn’t counteract the effect of the cholesterol (but later admitted to me that it did). Then she said every egg has 280mg cholesterol, to which my friend asked is that HDL or LDL? She didn’t even directly respond, saying our body makes enough as it is (during the next break I told her that it’s mostly good cholesterol, but she said it’s mostly bad cholesterol…clarification?). Next she said to just eat egg whites because they have most of the nutrients. I then replied that the yolk contains virtually all of the folic acid, calcium, and iron which got a rise out of the class. She then replied that you could take a vitamin supplement for that (BUT SHE SAID THE WHITES HAD MOST OF THE NUTRIENTS).

So after about five straight minutes of her and I aruging in front of a big class, I had the class snickering and her cage was definitely rattled. She then kept on rambling about eggs for another five minutes, but refered to the yolk as the whites and the whites as the yolk for the duration of the discussion. I WAS IN HER HEAD!

Anyway, that’s all. My hope is that even if she didn’t admit to being wrong in front of the whole class, that maybe in the future she won’t spout off bullshit.

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