December 9, 2003

back for the moment

I know I said I would wait until after finals to update my blog, but I’ve got all day tomorrow to study for my last serious final and I need a break after today, so I’ve decided to update now, studying be damned. I was originally going to have this all be one huge post, but I’ve come to realize it’s better to break it down. So first off, Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was EXCELLENT, I got to see a lot of family and even more fantastic food. The first night in San Jose my grandma arranged a dinner especially for me and it included a Honey Baked Ham, home made rolls, home made raspberry jam, and mashed potatoes with gravy. And thanksgiving was yet to come. Thanksgiving was another meal of epic proportions with tons more family and just as much food. You can see here that they managed to somehow get me with my tongue out by not telling me there was a picture being taken:
Thanksgiving Dinner

Also I got this awesome snapshot of my sister and grandmother both looking cute and very obviously related:
Grandma and Kelsey

The only weird thing that happened is that I discovered my parents have censored our home television so that my sister doesn’t accidentally stumble across naked people on TV. This wouldn’t bother me if she was SEVEN, but as she’s seventeen and can freely go out and view movies such as American Beauty, American Pie, or any other American film with people completely in the buff without parental permission, it seems kinda silly to have “True Lies” censored because Jamie Lee Curtis shows a little leg. Also movies such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” are censored because they’re so old they’re not rated by the MPAA. I LOVE IT!

I’m gonna make some cookies, then post some more.

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