December 21, 2003

boppin ’em on the head

For reference: “raul” and “gilberto” are rabbits.

Eugene: i was playing with raul and gilberto today and they were crawling on my back. i just looked and i have pee all over my back
Eugene: you want one?
Eugene: they don’t pee on your back or anything
Eugene: one is white and the other is brown
Eugene: which one do you want?
Eugene: i can drop one off today
Brian/Red: no thanks

Eugene: are you sure?
Eugene: which one?
Brian/Red: I’m good
Brian/Red: thanks though
Eugene: just say you want one, and its yours
Eugene: i have papers for them
Brian/Red: maybe if you make them into slippers
Brian/Red: then I’d be down

Eugene: i’ll be there in 30 minutes
Eugene: think about which one you want
Brian/Red: ummm
Brian/Red: I’m going to work
Brian/Red: and locking my doors
Eugene: lauren mentioned she wanted a bunny rabbit the other day
Eugene: she said it would really show that brian cared if he got her one
Eugene: so why dont you show her with 2 rabbits?
(16:01:25) The conversation has become inactive and timed out.
Eugene: you got yerself a deal
Eugene: i know you’re there
Eugene: raul says he don’t like pizza anyway
Eugene: you missed out
Eugene: bigtime
Eugene: gilberto just gave you the middle finger

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