December 30, 2003

hey! you’re part of it


Was quite boring.

But I did accomplish one long term goal. I returned a library book that I checked out some time in august. The original due date was September 10th, so you do the math. Having nothing to do this week I really wanted to go to the library and get something to read, but my fines have grown to the point where that is no longer an option. As of this writing, I owe the Los Angeles public library $52.59. Screw credit cards, it’s library cards that are dangerous. For my aunts and uncles reading this, don’t believe the lies that the elementary schools will tell you, reading is a horribly expensive and life draining habit!

Having gotten that monkey off my back I went home and changed the strings on my guitar, for the first time in four years. I’ve actually been playing quite a lot recently, and the fact that the strings have lost their finish and started to rust finally got to me. I celebrated by learning to play “American Heart” by Piebald.

Inspired by hearing about Lindsey’s new record player [as seen below], I decided to go to Amoeba records to see if I could find some cheap vinyl for a belated christmas gift for Lindsey, and I hit the jackpot. I can’t post pictures now, as it would ruin the surprise, but one of the 45’s is a limited edition with only 1500 out there, and the other is an eaaaarlly recording one of her favorite bands. Good times.

so this post sucked. but I was bored and writing is fun.

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