December 24, 2003

home for christmas…

As of this writing, I’ve already come and gone from San Jose. I drove up Sunday night after work and I learned a couple of things on that drive and over the next few days:

1) If you bring your proof of insurance into your house from the car for some stupid reason, take it outside _immediately_. You say you’ll take it with you next time you go out to your car, but you won’t. Instead, an hour after you leave the house for a long drive you will realize your mistake and spend the next five hours in white-knuckled horror, traveling a maximum of 65mph in a 70mph zone.

2) Fog does not exist exclusively on the coast. Apparently it is actually quite pervasive inland. who knew.

3) The California DMV tells you to not turn on your bright lights in fog. This is _completely_ _unnecessary_. Anyone who has ever tried their brights in fog will quickly discover that fog goes from being translucent to opaque rather quickly with sufficient light. Telling you NOT to turn your brights on in fog is about as stupid as telling you to turn your normal lights on after the sun sets. Instinct will suffice.

4) If it’s your idea to go ice skating, you are NOT ALLOWED to wuss out under any circumstances. Even if it’s raining. Even if said rain has turned the ice rink into a giant glass of Ice water. Especially if you knew it was raining when you suggested ice skating.

5) Ordering presents online a month before christmas is the best decision I’ve ever made.

We opened presents yesterday evening as we are spending christmas eve and christmas in Sacramento. I was more than satisfied with all the gifts I received, the highlights being Simpson’s Season 3 DVD, Family Guy volume 2 DVD, my brand spankin new jacket, and the most excellent pocket watch that Lauren got for me. I finally have a decent time piece.

I will post some pictures later, I can’t now as I am in unfamiliar territory, but for now I end this entry with a mini quote of the moment:

“You should be able to pull 35 out of your butt.”
-Uncle Chris, in reference to the minimum number of points you should be able to get in pinochle.

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