December 16, 2003

I dare you to do fifty push ups

Today I got an odd email from a spoofed (fake) email address. It’s not spam, it’s not a chain letter, it’s just this poem telling me to lose weight. At least that’s what I got out of it.

There are a couple thing’s I’ve noticed: There’s a lot of slang and some very awkward english, for example it says “so have potential” when I think it means “you have so much potential” and “do you not see” instead of “don’t you see.” I haven’t been able to find any mention of this on the internet after some pretty heavy searching, so I’m beginning to believe this is one of a kind, whether it was meant for me or not.

I can’t think of what this person is trying to accomplish, much less who would do it. I’ve posted this entire email below, colored to indicate it’s being quoted. If you’ve seen this before, or have a clue as to who wrote it, let me know.

you are going through a tough time
lazy times
do you not see?
In order for a satisfying life we must learn to love ourselves completely
someone in your neck of the woods cares about you
someone like everyone

you are receiving this notice as a realization that you may not be taking time out to focus on you
you may know a lot of knowlege but that wont take you far with that
reflection you see
you could totally be hating my guts because you may never find out who i am
it’s just one of those fyi’s that you are loved so muched
so privileged
so have potential
take care of your body
I dare you
take care of your soul
I dare you to do fifty push ups
and if you want to diss on my up frankness go ahead
dude, you are so special
and so talented

so ask yourself what do you really want from life then go for it

and realize that you are so needed


look in the mirror
what do you see?

yea-life does take unexpected turns
dont bother- the address is fake


(there is somebody that cares for you)

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