December 10, 2003

lookin good

This last Sunday Lauren and I went to the USC band banquet, which was an interesting experience as always. I got a new suit that I like and actually fits me, $99 at Hollywood Suit outlet. I went for the dark brown because it looks good with my hair. The band banquet is an interesting mix of people, most of them drunk, all of them loud and having a good time. I was surprised to see my favorite sports radio host, Petros Pappadakis, was the guest of honor at the banquet and I got to take a picture with him.

Lauren was sporting a most excellent polka dot dress and we both had some rather cool shoes, mine were my new brown adidas and she had some brown Sauconys that simultaneously matched my suit and shirt. Good stuff. Obligatory picture taken at the banquet:

Ok, so my blog’s basically up to date now, no more until after tomorrow’s final. blech.

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