January 29, 2004

back to the farm league

Recently I’ve a had a bit of an obsession with auctions, so when I turned on the television and they “just happened” to be talking about a public auction of items that were confiscated by US customs, I knew I had to go.

Since I had some previous experience with auctions, I walked confidently into the auction hall feeling I would crush other bidders with my passive gaze while swooping in and getting everything I desired for less than the cost of the gas I used driving there. Then I actually got there. There were upwards of 1,500 people, and they were not the spectating type. These people are SERIOUS, dealing with tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise without even blinking. They buy and sell people like me on ebay as a novelty.

I stayed for about twenty minutes, long enough to see a semi go for thirty nine grand and a yellow plate go for about twenty-five hundred. At that point I realized the twelve dollars in my wallet wasn’t going to get me further than a stale donut at the roach coach.

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  1. i think you should have bit on that lamborghini.

    or the ferrari.

    or the cheese cutting board. that was pretty nifty too.

    Comment by naziriteSOG — January 29, 2004 @ 10:27 pm

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