January 7, 2004

born. eat. shag. die.

In honor of The Mayfly Project and because I’m behind on my blogging I will summarize some of my more interesting past days in EXACTLY 20 words per day.

NOTE: The standard picture to word value ratio of 1000:1 shall be ignored. One photograph is equal to a single word for the duration of this post.

January 2nd:
BYE LIZ! Work sucks but at least they pay. Chad and Crystal! LA International Auto show. Ugliest Car EVER:

ugly dodge

January 3rd:
Tijuana! First time in ANOTHER COUNTRY. Fish tacos and margaritas. They know my nickname! Last glass I’ll ever need:

waaaay cool glass

January 6th:
Auction. People are nuts! $12.50 for a trash can, $5 for a box of vintage vinyl. My prizes:

Canon AE-1 Camera

Canon T90 'Tank'

And now you’re pretty much up to date. Though I should mention I got the cameras for $55 and $50 respectively, and though the T90 doesn’t work, the lens fits the other camera just fine.

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