January 9, 2004

go dad!

For reference: I’m “red/green” and “Randy” is my Dad.

(08:54:58) red/green: Lauren says she wants a bookshelf
(08:55:05) red/green: and if you could crank one out that’d be great
(08:55:11) red/green: now she says NOOOOOO
(08:55:16) red/green: I was just KIDDING

(08:55:18) Randy: What kind of bookshelf?

(08:55:34) red/green: a larger bookshelf
(08:55:44) red/green: with like 4-5 shelves

(08:55:54) Randy: How tall?

(08:56:16) red/green: six feet tall

(08:56:52) Randy: How deep of shelves?

(08:57:26) red/green: a foot-foot 1/2? It’s actually to hold books

(08:58:01) Randy: How urgently does she need it?

(08:58:06) red/green: not at all
(08:58:20) red/green: we would have got one at the auction if it was cheap
(08:58:26) red/green: and if we had something to move it with

(08:58:48) Randy: OK, I’ll put it on my to do list. I have a couple of projects ahead of it though.

Man, I shoulda asked for a motorcycle instead.

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