January 27, 2004

he means it’s cold

Seth Nickell is regarded as a pretty darn smart User Interface designer for operating systems. He’s known well enough that I regularly read his blog to see what he’s up to and what he has to say. His blog is also where I got the idea to put my head in the upper corner of my blogger site. In my humble estimation he’s a pretty smart guy.

But in his most recent entry, he used the word frigidity to describe the harsh cold he is experiencing in the Northeast corner of our country.

In the words of Indigo Montoya (from The Princess Bride) , “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

According to this, although frigidity is related to the word frigid, it actually means:

1. sexual unresponsiveness (especially of women) and inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse
2. a lack of affection or enthusiasm syn: coldness, coolness

Which is why I cracked up when I saw the title of his blog was “More Lessons in Frigidity.”

P.S. This is my two hundreth entry. Wow.

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