January 14, 2004

singin tooo high

There seems to be this completely inaccurate view that bands get on the radio because they’re good. Hah.

Others imply they get on the radio because they look marketable and are willing to play ball with record companies. Perhaps this helps them close the deal, but it’s not what gets them in the door. No it’s something much more annoying….

Maybe you’ve noticed the airwaves flooded with whiny, untalented, excessively skinny people. They’ve taken over with their nasally, Woody Allen-esque voices and there’s nothing we can do about it, because it’s all of our fault.

The reason these three chord pop punk trucker hat wearing complainers are creeping through every radio station up and down the coast is the condition of our stereos. The average joe or jane doesn’t think to put any money into his/her car stereo. As a result, the only frequency that can be played well by your four and a quarter inch Hyundai brand Speakers happens to be exactly in the range that all the AFI’s and Cyndi Lauper’s of the world like to complain in. Since these high voices resonate better, it’s all we hear on the radio.

So have some compassion for the Barry Whites and Tim Armstrongs of the world and go get some six by nine’s and a subwoofer. It’s good for the music.

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