January 23, 2004

the bandwagon passed me by

Phantom Planet has always been one of those bands that I’ve been interested in, but never really got around to listening too. They had a cool name and their drummer was the star of Rushmore, which meant they had to be one of the best bands ever.

but… I’d heard the song “California” which didn’t really impress me much, so I gave up on them like a has been coach who can’t cut it in the big leagues and goes back to coaching a bunch of rambunctious misfits who can’t even afford their own uniforms.

Then I heard “Big Brat” off their new self titled album and realized I should have followed my gut instinct, deciding I would acquire the album as soon as possible and preach it’s virtues to all who would listen and even a few that wouldn’t.

But I never got that chance. Today on the “World Famous” KROQ, they debuted “Big Brat” by Phantom Planet. Now Phantom Planet will all be made sexy by the mtv and rolling stone people and it’s too late for me to claim that I was part of the grass roots movement that helped get them there.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to hope the Piebalds and Ozmas of the world will be my claim to credibility when they make it big.


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