January 21, 2004

the books, the books!!!

I went to the main library branch to apply for some jobs today, which took a while to gear up for. First of all the library is so huge that it has seven separate floors, and each floor is so huge they have their own human resources department. This means you have to apply individually to seven different places, which is no fun.

So I spent some of the weekend and yesterday updating my resume and filling out the application on the computer using pdfs. All very cool and I was very impressed with myself, confident that not forcing them to read human handwriting was a feather in my cap.

This morning I dressed up, put on my new glasses, and prepared to meet my future boss.


Los Angeles Public Library system is on a hiring freeze. They can’t hire anyone, even if there are vacancies.

On several floors they accepted my application and said “That’s too bad, we have openings…”

The rest just gave me sympathetic smiles.

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