January 5, 2004

the rose bowl

January 1st was the most unhealthy day of my life. The first thing I ate was a krispy kreme donut and the last thing I ate was a bacon wrapped hot dog. In between those two meals it was not much better, many peanuts gave the shells off their back to keep me happy.

The rose bowl parade was impressive, but way too early in the morning. The high point was seeing the Stealth Bomber do a fly by. The six year old in me fainted as the excitement was too much. I also got to see the Cal Poly float for the first time. If you don’t know, half of the float is built in Pamona and half is built in San Luis Obispo. It’s pretty obvious where it splits:

Cal Poly Float

As for the game? Well, just another USC dominated event. They ended up winning 28-14, but that doesn’t reflect that in the middle of the third they were up 21-0. With this win USC gained a portion of the National title and I went home happy.

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