February 26, 2004


After gym class, I have a four hour and forty five minute gap until my next class, so I often find myself reading material for one of my classes. Today was no exception as I came into the library, found one of the obscenely comfortable chairs next to the window and started reading the chapter on printing in my black and white photography book and somewhere between the filters and the baseboard I just tilted my head back, put my book on my lap, and checked out.

In the middle of my tenure as a millionaire photographer sought world around by photographers for my printing skill (?He makes it look soo easy,? they?d say) and by gay men for my startlingly good looks and fine taste in clothing (?Really, you?re NOT???,? they?d say) I suddenly felt my head go flying off with the swift CHU-CHINK of the guillotine. Upon awaking fully I turned around to find myself looking into a HUGE lens attached to a camera held by an elderly woman whom, as I would discover momentarily, was named Marilyn.

With a voice just below a whisper, Marilyn told me her name and explained, ?It was a really good shot.?

I just hope my mouth wasn?t open.

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  1. you’re NOT!?!

    Comment by ug — February 26, 2004 @ 4:54 pm

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