February 17, 2004

first class

My Photo 1 class ended 26 minutes ago and I thought I’d put my thoughts down while they’re still fresh.

The building that this class is being held in is off the main campus and completely new to me, and so far I’m more than impressed. Ample free parking, air conditioning, and plenty of study room are only the first three things I can think of that the main campus lacks and this building has. I’m only annoyed I haven’t had a class in this building before now.

The teacher is an interesting character. Caucasion Female in her late thirties, her sense of fashion chronically stuck in the early to mid eighties and personality borrowed from a saltine, she nonetheless quite obviously knows her stuff, and is very good at being able to show what she’s trying to teach.

The class I have already mentally divided into three groups: Those serious about photography, those interested in the concept, and those who view it as a romanticized world of travelling the world and taking pictures of babies, bands, dandelions, and aging houses with the paint peeling off. The first two groups I have no problem with, but the last group doesn’t really care about anything this class has to offer. They want to take pictures, and hearing about the chemistry of film, metering, aperature, shutter speed, and focal length almost killed them as their heads hit their desks like prisoners striking anvils in unison.

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