February 19, 2004

now for photo 2

In contrast with my Photo 1 teachers stiffness, my Photo 2 teacher is outright amazing. I think he can speak for himself (All capitals indicates raised voice):

“Are there ANY males in this class.”
-Professor Jones, First thing he said to the entire class

“If an assignment is worth 100 points and you turn it in late…. You get ZERO. If you don’t turn it in at all, you get MINUS ONE HUNDRED. I’m serious.”
-Professor Jones, Explaining his late policy.

“My only rule is there’s no porn… If you don’t know what POR-NOG is, come to my office and for TWENTY BUCKS I’ll show you my video.”
-Professor Jones, Explaining what we can and cannot shoot for our final project.

“First off, I’m head of the department, so complaining about me won’t do no good. Secondly, I have Tenure, which, if you don’t know, means you CAN’T make me work, and YOU CAN’T get me fired.”
-Professor Jones, on his many years at the College

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