February 2, 2004

pay attention now

Me and mah graham crackersSo how many low fat cinammon graham crackers am I holding up? Yes, only in the visible hand. No, I’m not hiding any from you. Yes, the graham crackers in the picture are of the low fat cinammon variety.

Though you and I may only see two Keebler low fat cinnamon crisps, according to the good people at Keebler, I’m actually holding eight. They tell you on the box that there are only 110 calories per serving and there are eight crackers in a serving. I thought this was rather impressive until I did some simple math and discovered that they’d been misleading me. What convention told me (one object, therefore one cracker) was twisted into a reality that the Keebler company prefers (indentations denote the beginning of an entirely separate entity, therefore one object can be four crackers.). This in itself it isn’t too disturbing, but if they really care enough to trick us into thinking a graham cracker is 13.8 calories, what else aren’t they telling us? It’s not like anyone would really want to eat 8 graham crackers at one sitting just to get the full serving in.

Blah. Endings aren’t my specialty.

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  1. That ending rules!!!1!

    Comment by red0x — February 3, 2004 @ 8:51 pm

  2. Also, your comments dont show up when i click on them…. :(

    Comment by red0x — February 3, 2004 @ 8:52 pm

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