February 14, 2004


It’s been such a long break that I’m actually looking forward to school starting again. I’d like to think this is because my classes are just brain candy, but deep down, I know it will be nice to have some short term goals forced upon me and it will be refreshing to have that little bit of stress that will make me put off my school work while doing everything else that much more effectively. It’s called productive procrastination, and it’s my lifestyle of choice.

If you’ll remember in a previous entry an individual who regretted he hadn’t registered onelast.com himself contacted me to communicate his story of woe and I posted that if anyone could think of a better domain name then I’d gladly sell him my domain name for what I paid. Well he posted a list of very decent domain names in the comments of that entry, my favorites being pointabout.com, pastfive.com, and endpost.com, but in the end I decided they weren’t really for me. However, he also pointed me to nameboy.com, a website that gives you suggestions for domain names based on two words you feed it. Now, unlike some sites, it doesn’t just combine these two words together (though it does that too), but also looks for any words that might be vaguely related to what you entered. For example if you enter “failure” and “giant” you’ll get all the obvious domains, but you’ll also get failuretocomply.com, failurenow.com, phailure.com, or backslidingbrute.com. Through nameboy.com, I discovered the domain name watchred.com by searching for “red” and “technology” and immediately felt I’d found my domain name. The whole time I was looking for a domain name I was looking for that one combination of words that would leave me with that “Eureka!!!” feeling that would generate the confidence of knowing I made the right choice. Watchred.com is that domain.

I’m going to contact Haydur today, and if he still wants the onelast.com domain name, I’m going to transfer it to him probably near the end of the month and watchred.com will be the new domain for this site. I’ve already registered it as of this writing, I’m just waiting for it to propogate through all the DNS servers, which should take somewhere between 12 and 36 hours.

I’ve got more to write about, but as I don’t have the time right now I’ll just wish everyone a happy v-day. It’s a very corporate holiday, but celebrating love, plutonic or otherwise, can’t be a bad thing. You just better hope you had reservations about three months ago or that you celebrated a day early like some people.

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