March 8, 2004

bullet points

  • Today’s theme: Rest and Recuperation. The secondary theme would be laziness, but only as it relates directly to the first. I’ve been sick, so I basically laid around until I could hear my mom say “drink your fluids!” from deep within my skull, at which point I’d drink some water and lay around some more.

    It was magical.

  • It was also ungodly hot here today. The rain I can deal with, but heat is just depressing. It’s like a four hundred pound, naked, heavily perspiring gentleman is sitting on your chest: It’s not just excessively hot, but it smells bad and you fear moving will just make it worse. It has been pointed out to me that there’s a pool twenty feet from my front door, but I haven’t really lost this year’s winter insulation. Or last year’s for that matter…
  • This game is just plain addictive, while at the same time being free. Deadly. It’s a puzzle type game in the “Full Throttle” vein. You pick stuff up and put it where it doesn’t belong in order to get the next level. Absolutely inane, but it DEMANDS to be played. Good thing I don’t have any real classes this semester.
  • There’s something else….

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