March 7, 2004

fosbury’s flop

Once in a while you get the feeling that if you were in a movie, people would be screaming at your ignorance as you sat there blissfully unaware of the opportunities dancing in front of your eyes.

Let?s review the situation as I sat in front of my computer at 1:00am Friday morning:

  1. My sister always invites me to see her perform at her High School Comedy Sportz shows.
  2. My sister had a High School Comedy Sportz show Friday night.
  3. I haven?t seen her perform since freshman year.
  4. I feel bad about 3.
  5. For the first time since freshman year, I had absolutely _nothing_ to do on Friday _and_ Saturday.
  6. Lauren had plans all day Saturday.

So, I?m a little slow, but the obvious finally occurred to me. I didn?t tell my sister I was coming up and she freaked out when I appeared there. Jumped me fosbury style.

Good times.

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