March 27, 2004

how are you doing today?

I’ve been working at Staples now a couple weeks and it’s interesting. Working traditional retail is something I haven’t done since my first job at Sheldon’s hobbies, which Staples reminds me of immensely. I relate to my coworkers much better than I ever did at Pizza Hut, they ALL speak English and in general are a much younger and upwardly mobile crowd. I’d forgotten that having my nights free meant I’d have less time during the daylight hours to get things done, such as working on photography assignments, which have suffered due to lack of well lit time in which to get them done. I’ve also discovered that I get more done as a whole, the morning was always my most idle time and now it’s full of paid goodness, with the evenings free to have fun and run errands. All in all, I just needed a change and am happy with what I’ve got. However, if I’m still working there in a year I’m going to be pissed.

Some out of context quotes:

“The Herm?s-scarf people are, in my experience, the most vicious and aggressive bidders on eBay…”
-Stephanie Zacharek

“My button hole backfired.”
-Lindsey K.

“I have to pee like a raisin.”

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  1. I work @ Staples as well. w00t!

    Comment by Joel Conary — March 28, 2004 @ 8:00 pm

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