March 14, 2004

more interesting than pizza

Yesterday Lauren and I went for a hike at Griffith Park, which is only ten miles away from my house and gave us a chance to get outdoors and get some great pictures:

Unfortunately, due to some confusion, our sweet little 1.75 mile round trip trail ended up being SIX MILES. Do to a certain party’s involvement this topic will not be discussed further. Today I still suffer from the blisters, chafing, and emotional ruin which are a direct result of this this unnaturally long trek.

On the positive side I did end up with 8 Cricket Colas, the only Cola made with green tea.

Later that day while watching Matchstick Men, we had the most random visitor (RV from now on). Here is the conversation between me and RV:

RV: *knock* *knock*
Me: Hello?
RV: Hi! Do you have any condoms?
Me: Sure…
Me: (returning) Here you go.
RV: Thanks! (enthusiastically) I’m about to get &$#@ed!

There’s one for the grandkids…

I’d like to end this entry with some instant messages that have appeared to me in the past 24 hours:

From Eugene:
Eugene: i remembered my $200 voice recorder wouldn’t work and I was going to flash it

Eugene: funny thing is, my concentration level in class has gone up since this thing stopped working
Eugene: thats not funny

Eugene: damn, my friends hard drive just crashed
Eugene: he’s a graphic designer
Eugene: and his whole portfolio was in there
Eugene: plus all the work he does for other people
Eugene: the funny thing is, he has a $3000 server sitting right next to his computer
Eugene: and a backup hard drive that he was using to store movies
Eugene: now thats funny

From Lindsey:
Lindsey: I MADE PIE

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  1. Just thinking of that day just me sore, and I’m going to be for a week…

    and hungry… what’d you want for dinner….

    Comment by lauren — March 21, 2004 @ 10:24 pm

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